The flower comes from the intention map we are looking for. The flower represents freshness and vitality.

 It is a popular element in people’s lives. It indicates that life is like a layer-by-layer book. It encloses the wick. A wave-like element is also the fulcrum of the entire appearance of the lamp, and the layering between the slices indicates a vibrant life. Deconstructing the state of petal growth in layers,pieces of glass and the metal are superimposed together.Glass wraps the metal in the middle like a flower.Pieces of glass are superimposed together, and metal is also used. Glass wraps the metal in the middle like a flower. The four metal pillars are combined to support 6 glass sheets, which are superimposed like layers of petals surging. 

  • Type Suspension
  • Size 600 x 1800 x 600 mm
  • Materials glass and metal