We are a light design brand. The name “Colume” comes from the association of the Latin radical prefix “co-” that indicates togetherness, with the element of light (“-lumen”), gives life to the brand “Colume”.
The philosophy behind the brand is that objects do not simply occupy a space. They are in turn occupied by the stratification of myths, desires, wishes, and meanings brought by generations of humans. Sources of lights, lamps, torches, have accompanied men and women in their journey since the dawn of days.

Colume proposes a variegated collection of lamps combining the latest Italian design trends and its origins in Greek and Latin antiquity. Lamps, in fact, are crucial elements in Greek and Latin mythology. The fire conquered and brought to men by Mercury. Psyche’s lamp that dropped a fatal drop of oil on the beautiful Cupid. To mention only a few. Since the beginning of Italian history, lamps are gathering places where elegance meets dreaminess, and stories that are thousands of years old meet cutting-edge technology.

The warm familiarity and the ageless elegance of classical shapes give a sense of homeliness while the surprising association of techniques and materials takes them on a pleasant journey into the exotic and the unknown.

Colume is a brand whose designs are created through the sharing of expertise and values from ideation to production.

Collaboration stands at the core of our vision, firmly believing that knowledge must be spread and contaminated to produce innovation.

Textures and shapes are the means for a seamless transition from the real to the imaginary. It is in fact the pairing of time-honored forms and experimental techniques that confers Colume pieces their evocative quality. Each Colume product is a messenger coming from a place where the user has never been and yet inexplicably longs to return.

Colume stands at the joint between the materiality of the object and the immateriality of desire, the historical and the surreal, the local and the exotic, creating an eclectic selection of refined products that are both solidly grounded in tradition and open to universes yet unseen.

art director:
Erika Baffico

Design curators:
Luke Hormung
Davide Negri
Martina Petiti
Sebastiano Tonelli
Motoki Yoshio