Vela originates from the desire to combine the role the arch throughout the history of architecture
with the lightness and dynamicity of the sail – “vela”, in Italian – after which the product is named.

The elegant shape of the glass dome exalts the elementary quality of the material, resulting in an elegant, highly decorative table lamp. The source of light is hidden within the glass, invisible from the outside, like a breeze blowing and gently pushing the sail forward, a natural force emanating from within the sail.

The light is delicately suffused through the sanded inner surface of the glass dome, that distributes it homogeneously on the glossy outside surface.

The result is a refined object that effortlessly provides a soft, warm light. Moreover, “Vela” combines elegance and efficiency: the same lightness and effortlessness that characterized its style can be applied to its use as well.

In fact, “Vela” can be switched on with the simple touch of a finger, and the light can be adjusted in three different degrees of intensity. Get ready to sail the calm sea of luxury and comfort with “Vela”.

  • Type Table
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Diletta Causin, Lorenzo Carpignano, Luigi De Filippis
  • Size 326 x 250 mm
  • Materials Glass

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