A dream. A journey. Our own life. As we move through our earthly experiences, we can distinguish
each of their components, we can see the details, and yet we often miss the bigger picture.

We struggle to comprehend the greater meaning. We wish we could find a hint
of the summary of the whole experience: a synopsis. The word comes from the Greek word for “overview”:
syn (“with”) – opsis (“view”).

It indicates the Platonic process of reconducting the multiplicity to the one, the parts to the whole, the multifarious facts of the real experience to the unicity of an ideal and intangible ultra-universe.

“Sinossi” – synopsis, in Italian – is the lamp that brings this feeling of comfort and of union to your home. Its exquisite make pairs the modularity of its components – its most remarkable feature – with the elegance and the value of the whole. The light sources are placed in the lateral cylindric elements in extruded glass.

“Sinossi” is a family of both floor lamps and table lamps. In the floor version, a slab in milk-white color connects the two cylinders creating a suffused relaxing light.

  • Type Table
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Rebecca Bonino, Elena Butera, Kevin Gallina
  • Size 250 x 340 mm
  • Materials Glass, metal

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