“Rapid eye movement” is the name for the final stage of a sleep cycle, when our mind and body are completely immersed in the oneiric activity.

Vivid images involve us entirely in the reality of the dream, in a thoroughly immersive experience of rest. “Rem”, thanks to its smoky surfaces and soft outline, produces a fluid mix of shadows and light that embraces the viewers in a suffused illumination, reproducing this experience of complete relaxation. “Rem” is made up of two glass elements: a cylindric core body in slotted glass, and an external body, which wraps the core body in a shell of clear glass, as though melted and poured over it. The glass of the former is smoky in order to soften the light, thus creating an unexpected contrast with the transparent glass of the cover body. The result is a calming, soothing light, perfect for relaxation. The mirrored metallic base reflects the light, in a playful creation of refractions. “Rem” is conceived of as an indoor lamp for surfaces such as tables or ottomans.

  • Type Table
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Francesca Zilli
  • Size 233 mm x 323 mm Ø 188 mm
  • Materials Glass, metal