I stand quiet as time flies by.
My leaves are the ever-changing harbors of dreams. Beneath me, an endless parade of shades of gold, of yellow, of red, of every color that nature ever concocted, that any living heart ever desired to see.

I am “Platano”, the floor lamp that changes with the rhythm of the seasons of the soul. My glossy metal base holds a metal rod, on which a system of modular glass discs is mounted. The LED illumination placed at my bottom enhances and exalts the vertical development of my slender figure.

Each and every one of my leaves, placed in a sinuous spiral disposition, is sanded to create variegated geometric shapes that refract light.

Chromatic combinations, juxtaposition of textures, and variety of materials, all together provide the effect of unicity and beauty that characterizes natural elements, like trees.

My leaves – the glass discs – are available in a variety of colors, from transparent to smoky, and can be customized.

  • Type Floor
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Valentina Camozzi, Giovanni Filardi, Mattina Pancani
  • Size 300 x 1500 mm
  • Materials Glass, metal

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