Memories never fade away. They are stacked in our mind, they may change, they evolve, they hide, they seem gone but they are not.

They are there with us all the time, piled up within us, they may grow, or shrink, they change in color at times, they twist and turn, but they never leave, they walk us through life, quietly following us as we grow and evolve, they are the silent pillars of our existence, they guide us, they comfort us with the homely light of what is familiar in dark times, they make us what we are.

In the same way, “Memorie” is the pillar-shaped multifarious lamp able to accommodate the needs of the changing personality of a home and of the people who inhabit it. “Memorie” consists in three extruded glass cylinders, stacked and sustained by a central rod.

The cylinders are available in three colors: smoky, amber, and bordeaux. They can rotate on the central rod, to regulate the intensity of the light. The glass surface of the cylinders is facetted to create evocative light refractions.

The juxtaposition of metal and glass creates a pleasant variation and a feeling of effortless elegance. Timeless and plastic in the same way as memories are, “Memorie” comes in a range of forms: suspension, wall, table, or floor lamp.

  • Type Suspension
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Gabriele Arcarese, Margherita Fusco, Gianluca Tedeschi
  • Size 84 x 1158 mm
  • Materials Glass, metal