The marine world. a mysterious and fascinating place at the same time,where different Species of aquatic animals coexist making it enchanting, has always intrigued human beings The MEDUSA Suspension lamp takes itsinspiration from one of the aguatic animals that has always intrigued us for its shape and fluid movements the jellyfish

The MEDUSA suspension lamp takes its cue from the umbrella shape of the aquatic animal, which is made upof two parts,the external one and the internal one, one inside the other which together make up the central body. The peculiarity of this animal is that in some specimens there is the phenomenon of bioluminescence,which allows the jellvfish  to take on different colors and shades. This peculiarity is also reported in the lamp  through an optical effect obtained from the glass,which isakey part of the lamp.

  • Type suspension
  • Size 730 x 900 x 1320 mm
  • Materials glass and metal