Giano is named after the two-faced Roman god of doors, passages, transitions, and transformations.

“Giano” is a spherical suspension lamp in glass and metal always facing both those who come and those who leave with
one of its two different surfaces. In fact, its smoky glass surface is elegantly formed by two hemispheres, whose glass is treated with two different techniques.

While half of “Giano” is in clear glass, the other half is internally sanded, diffusing a softer and homogeneous light.

Their distinctive make visually characterizes the space through a different treatment of light, with no need of architectonic interventions. “Giano” masterfully exploits the potentiality of glass to create a virtual entryway into a different universe, fashioned by light.

  • Type Suspension
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Paolo Conte
  • Size 250 x 1027 mm
  • Materials Glass, metal

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