Ercole is a hero from Greek mythology who embodies the ideal of peaceful strength, calm and surveilled puissance.

Yet, while common iconography catches him in the act of accomplishing astounding enterprises, most forget how he peacefully guarded Rome after freeing the Republic of Rome from the menacing giant Cacus. “Ercole” turns the common conception of lamp upside down.

The light beams from the whole body of “Ercole”, consisting in a transparent stem, while the lampshade in clear glass works as a diffuser of light.

“Ercole” combines industrial production with refined mastery of crafts, just like the Mediterranean hero, son of the god Zeus and of the earthly Alcmene, was part godly and part human. Solid and yet graceful, “Ercole” stands on a foot of stone, available both in black and white. “Ercole” is available in table and floor variations.

  • Type Floor
  • Environment Interiors
  • Designer Valentina Camozzi, Giovanni Filardi, Mattina Pancani
  • Size 500 x 1625 mm
  • Materials Glass, stone