Flowers and humans have many qualities in common than you might think. Both of them need to live close by to the other, them to be able to exchange the pollen and generate new lives, for us instead, it is essential to share ours thoughts, our feelings and passions.

By uniting we become life-generating force, and strength of the encounter is such as to generate light. The lamp is made up of a curved metal tube on which the glass molded “petals” are fixed. The lighting comes from three extrusions enclosed by the shape of the tubular. The petal is made of printed glass on which there is an opaque surface texture combined with raised streaks. The veins relate the shape of the petal to the curvature of the tubular, emphasizing the movement.

  • Type Suspension
  • Designer Barabino Giacomo ,Bassoli Vittorio ,Crea Matteo
  • Size 760 x 1050 x 300 mm
  • Materials glass and metal

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